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Homebrew Game Boy Advance Projects

The Mojo Collection
Now you can play the latest versions of all three of my games—Space Loonies, Blockbusters, and Video Poker Advance —in one binary! Updated on 10/15/06.
Special version hacked to run on Supercard. Updated on 8/2/07.
Note: if you have problems with this binary, blame it on the frickin' slow Supercard RAM.

This is a game I originally wrote for the Kraln.com contest, now in an improved version!
Use the magic piano to keep the ball in play and destroy the blocks.
Collect powerups for special abilities.
If you're good enough, maybe you'll discover the mastermind behind those crazy blocks!
Original Kraln.com Version

Space Loonies
An outer space action game where you, a lone space pilot, must defend seven space stations from the Space Loony fleet.
Warp to sectors where the enemy ships are present and blow them away! Then, warp to a space station to resupply.

Video Poker Advance
A simple video poker game, with 39 variations of video poker, graphics and sound inspired by real casino machines, and play statisics. Updated on 10/15/06.


GBA Crusher (for Windows)
GBA BIOS compatible compression for binary files. Includes GUI and command line versions.

Tile Quant Do (for Windows)
Experimental tile quantizer. Open an image and convert it to an abitrary number of tiles.

Ditty Editor (for Game Boy Advance)
Use the Ditty Editor to produce chiptunes, then include the Ditty Player API in your GBA application to play it back. Listen to a sample MP3 or download the Ditty file as a GBA cartridge save image.
Download the Blockbusters theme (in cartridge save format)!